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The Name Of The Game (Buy Low, Sell High)


Buy low. Sell High. It’s that simple. Really; it is, yet I know few people who do it. Consider this. Stocks are usually not on the average person’s mind. If the subject of stocks came up at a cocktail party, its’ probably because someone is bragging about how much money they made, not how much… read more

Do You Pay Your Bills With Cash or Earnings? (Earnings are Theoretical, After All)


If you’ve read my past postings then you know how I feel about the current financial system. Every three months, a slew of publicly traded companies start announcing their quarterly earnings. This period of time is, not surprisingly, called earnings season. Analysts and portfolio managers spend hours trying to forecast earnings per share (Net income… read more

Don’t be a Ploppy!


I often feel like my advice falls on deaf ears. After all, even investment professionals frequently make the rookie mistakes I’ve been writing about all these years. So, what’s a ploppy? “Ploppy” is a derogatory term that advantage players use to describe the average blackjack player who does not play with a mathematical edge against… read more

The Tortoise and the Hare


The story of the tortoise and the Hare is timeless. Slow and steady wins the race; still, no one listens. It’s too boring. Ever driven down a highway and see an impatient driver weave in and out of lanes; trying to go as fast as possible in heavy traffic? Let’s look at the pros and… read more

The #1 Quality For Investment Success


Investing is a complicated business. P/E ratios, Beta, Alpha, financial modeling, computerized trading, PHDs, MBAs, hedge funds, arbitrage, options, futures, commodities, mortgage-backed securities, ETFs, Mutual Funds, REITs, CNBC, FOX business, Bloomberg terminals, 10K, 10Qs, GDP, GNP, etc. etc. etc. You’d have to be a genius to do better than the Pros, right? Here’s the dirty… read more