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Sports and Investments


Michael Lewis, is best known as the author of “The Blind Side”, and “Moneyball”; very popular books that have been turned into movies, but Lewis isn’t a screen writer, he was educated at Princeton in economics and started his career at the investment bank Salomon Brothers. What’s the connection? While Hollywood focuses on the feel-good… read more

There is no Value vs. Growth Debate


Its unfortunate, but large financial institutions love to sell products by putting them into different categories so as to differentiate them. Most investment funds are put into three main categories; Value, Growth, and GARP. Value is often defined as securities that trade at low prices relative to their sales, earnings, or cash flow. Growth often… read more

Market Timing……It Rarely Works


Can you time the market? Maybe, but I don’t know anyone who has done it consistently. No one on the Forbes 400 (richest 400 Americans) is known for practicing market timing. Yes, people do make well timed investments, but those are usually based on long-term trends and because the price is attractive or just due… read more

What I Think Of Technical Analysis


Some people speak about it with disdain. Others swear by it. So, does technical analysis work? In the traditional sense; I doubt it. Technical analysis is a forecasting method that looks at historical prices and trading volume. The theory is that humans tend to repeat trading patterns and so an investor can anticipate the next… read more

Can You Beat The Market?


Of course you can, and it isn’t that hard. I read a recent study that showed that over 50% of portfolio managers over a 10-year period under-performed their benchmarks. I’ve read other studies surveyed over longer periods of time that the number is more at 70%. These managers usually have MBAs from top schools, are… read more