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Hedge Fund Profiles


Here are examples of what can happen with even the best and brightest in the industry. Victor Niederhoffer Education: Harvard, U. of Chicago- Doctorate, Professor at UC Berkeley Accomplishments: 5x U.S. National Squash Champion 1x North American Squash Champion Known as Father of Quantitative Investing Career Notables: 1982-1990: Partner at Soros Fund Management 1982-1996: Averaged… read more

The Hype Of Hedge Funds


Hedge funds are the “it’ thing in finance these days. Pension fund managers, university endowments, high-net-worth individuals; everyone is either starting one or investing in one and that is probably a mistake. Many of my clients were hedge funds, and they usually paid very well. Heck, I used to wish I could run my own… read more

Market Timing……It Rarely Works


Can you time the market? Maybe, but I don’t know anyone who has done it consistently. No one on the Forbes 400 (richest 400 Americans) is known for practicing market timing. Yes, people do make well timed investments, but those are usually based on long-term trends and because the price is attractive or just due… read more