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Top 5 Misconceptions About Investing


5. I watch CNBC and Fox Business non-stop- I can make money trading on real-time information. Reality: There are computers and professionals who can trade faster than you. Also, if you have noticed, some news that seems positive at first ends up being a negative. Also, the first news out is often incorrect and is… read more

Don’t Listen To “Experts”


The stock market can only do three things; go up, go down, or stay flat. Those are pretty good odds for someone trying to make a prediction. Predicting that nothing happens isn’t very newsworthy so its usually “Dow 30,000” or “The end of the world is coming!” Its funny how so many “experts” have written… read more

The Hype Of Hedge Funds


Hedge funds are the “it’ thing in finance these days. Pension fund managers, university endowments, high-net-worth individuals; everyone is either starting one or investing in one and that is probably a mistake. Many of my clients were hedge funds, and they usually paid very well. Heck, I used to wish I could run my own… read more

Hedge Fund Profiles


Here are examples of what can happen with even the best and brightest in the industry. Victor Niederhoffer Education: Harvard, U. of Chicago- Doctorate, Professor at UC Berkeley Accomplishments: 5x U.S. National Squash Champion 1x North American Squash Champion Known as Father of Quantitative Investing Career Notables: 1982-1990: Partner at Soros Fund Management 1982-1996: Averaged… read more

What’s a couple percentage points?


As Albert Einstein once said, “the most powerful force in the universe is compound interest.” On an annual basis, a few percentage points doesn’t mean much, but compounded over several years; well that’s a different story. Lets look at one of the legendary value investors of our time, John Neff, who managed the Vanguard Windsor… read more